nick sweepah & aux one – self titled

erm. australian accent on a bit of funk rap? it’s not unheard of, but i’m pretty sure not the best; perhaps not the worst either. there’s a little bit of value in it; this experiment from three d freebie day. come on, i’d say it’s pretty obvious that i wouldn’t buy an album like this.

straight up, i’m gonna say he’s the nerdiest musician in the collection so far. hell, he references being a marxist in the first song, and zelda in the third. but then he raps about some dodgy shit in the second song. showing off a woman he would slam? try slamming a brick wall with it mate.

it was distributed by another australian “label”, inertia, which has appeared a few times so far. it seems to be a 2000s version of spunk. they hold quite distinct lists of musicians and bands for australian distro, but you could draw tangly threads between them.

as to the music itself, it samples quite a lot, and the rapping probably has some appeal to someone, but from the start it kinda drops off in terms of the content. you wanna rap? you need to speak to more than just taking drugs and objectifying women. honestly. seriously.

there are kernels of commentary, but on the whole you don’t feel like you went anywhere, metaphorically or intellectually. and with hip hop and rap, i feel ripped off when left standing on the shoreline looking out at the party boat, thinking it should have been a protest vessel. you know for certain you don’t want to be on it; you’re depressed that such shallow people exist; you want a rpg.

at least it sank sooner than i expected. but funky it was.


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