pernice brothers – australia 2002

we try to make the worst of a bad situation

this short release of live recorded earlier songs makes pernice brothers sound more basic rock that they have anywhere, and it works better than one can imagine. the guitars on dimmest star, the first track, genuinely highlight how different the approach is to what are some iconic songs in their catalogue. it is a fantastic effort at reimagining; what could otherwise have been a pointless exercise.

timing is a bit different; drumming is very different; acoustic guitars remove the flourishes and allow the songs to behave in new ways compared to the original renderings. it’s a reminder again of just how remarkable joe’s writing is – to layer gorgeous music over truly heartbreaking lyrics and sentiment in any way possible; effortlessly.

i’m a little confused by this release though. my version just says australia 2002 on the front, not australia tour ep 2002 as all other images i can find. it was also recorded in new york, not australia as popularly believed. america happened to get it after we did. the reissue maintained the wrong track order and misspelling on the sleeve.

that’s authenticity. picture this without strings, piano or vocal effects, and just simple acoustic…

somebody said you’d got it together, as if i’d never been alive


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