the flaming lips – yoshimi battles the pink robots

let’s face it, the first i knew of the flaming lips, like pretty much everyone else, was she don’t use jelly. that should have been a sign. it played over and over again on late night rage. i had hair the same colour at some point – that’s the most notable fact associated with tonight’s entry.

they helped me work out a couple of things. firstly, that psychedelia and futurism hold literally no interest to me. i don’t care if anyone were to say to me that songs or bands i loved were of that sort, because i know they’d be wrong. at least by this point in their career, they were insipid. i know why i bought the album (which unwittingly turned out to be a weird dvd version that you couldn’t just play on a cd player). but i’ve never understood its popularity. it’s bilious.

secondly, i have since concluded that they are a bunch of grandiose, pompous wankers, particularly wayne coyne. you want to objectify women? you’re as bad as the attention grubbing (yes, grubbing) “artist” you had appear in place of another who didn’t want to let herself be exploited for what turned out to not be art.

i ain’t linkin’ tonight.


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