the anomoanon – self titled

oh baby baby, i like the way you drive in your car

go with somewhere halfway between the band and the byrds. not so much the famous brother of lead singer and engineer of the anonmoanon. you hear a little bit of will oldham in ned’s singing and paul’s production, but more of others; and of equal uniqueness.

a song like mermaid’s womb blends ned’s mid-range voice, lower and less strained than his little brother’s, with the deeper voice of willy maclean that resembles a little of dave pajo. the music is literally almost sea shanty backing for what is a special set of vocal melodies and hooks.

it blends into the quite typified, yet gorgeously beautiful baby, baby, baby. there might actually be a bit of will in there, literally. they came as much, if not more, out of mid 1990s palace music, as evidenced by the elements of raucous sing-along.

i can’t really think of specific things to say about an album that is this disarmingly good. such a short entry seems to not do justice to such a sentiment, and such an entity in the collection. it may be the first time, however, that listening to an album leads to monetary outlay for more of the same. because this is all of theirs that i have, and i now wish for more (which does exist).

you talented bastards.

and here’s some byrds:


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