papa m – sings

yeah the only kinda man that you ever wanted was one that you knew you’d never hold very long

oh how this rings true to me. perhaps one of the lyrics and songs that cuts closest to my bone. it’s jaded lover, and i forgot it was on this short release. i also don’t know how i feel when i keep finding out that he sings other people’s songs so frequently. he does it so well. i guess the pajo releases still to come will get to his own capabilities, which are no less.

each of the songs on this ep sounds very similar, like they are hard-to-discern renditions of each other. there’s a sort of self-referential loop happening. i don’t know how it relates to the much better whatever, mortal album released in the same year. some things are perhaps best left occluded.

the music itself captures elements of cartoonishness, from the odd guitar effects combining a lilting, almost bumbling rhythm and very simplistic chords. this is almost all-encompassing, with the exception of the beautiful true love that is quiet (voice and music), with an effect of the constant rapidly strummed acoustic guitar occasionally climaxing with washed-out pedal steel.

i don’t know where it went; whether on any kind of trip you can work out how to write home about. but the memories are still somehow there.

this is a promise with a catch
only if you’re looking can it find you
cos true love is searching too
but how can it recognise you unless you step out into the light?


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