the vandas – didn’t come here to be alone

i know i have bagged out modern bands that are plying their trade as 1960s and 1970s psychedelic rock cover acts, and making some kind of name for themselves like it never existed. meow. i’ve also referenced a number that i enjoyed, more from the 1990s, like snout, even, dan kelly and the sand pebbles. notably all australian.

but it could easily be said that the vandas were doing the same eight years ago when this came out. and i bet someone a little older than me at the time would have questioned its authenticity and wondered why the hell i enjoyed this so much. fuck, i still do. straight up, they’re brilliantly written and performed songs with all their parts in just the right places – every single one. they’re catchy, influential and relatable. chris altmann’s voice is also spectacular. and have i mentioned yet that they’re adelaide expats?

i came to them after they supported a band i can’t recall (too much beer consumed, believe me). it was in adelaide (after they’d moved to melbourne) and around the time of the end of the second era of the collection, when i still thought i had feelings for my first boyfriend a year after we’d broken up (who lived in melbourne). i reckon this had a lot to do with pushing me to acceptance of the conclusion. not to mention that chris sings on the first song; keep all your sympathy, i don’t want apologies now – it must be time that i was leaving.

there’s also a fair bit of homage paid to mid-career you am i, and i know some of the members of this band have gone on to support tim rogers of the same on several occasions. but for my money, this ep was a more perfect distillation of full guitar rock. and that’s saying something compared to the band that was responsible for forming my musical identity.

i think i played this disc into oblivion at the time, and for ages it wouldn’t work in any cd player i could find. i’m so relieved that, somehow, a many-year break from being played allowed it to recover. all i can say is that it’s a travesty they’re not still making this music. but at least i still have their full-length album to come…

your love i just couldn’t win


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