qua – painting monsters on clouds

music like this makes me question what purpose it serves, as though all music has some higher reason for existing. seriously though, it’s not singable, danceable, hummable, thoughtful, emotional. it is a kind of background track, but even then it’s mostly bizarre enough to seem odd for that as well.

don’t take this to mean bad, or worthless. there’s something in it. there is some quiet beauty amongst the apparently found sounds and daily life picked up as the main combined purely electronic rhythmic and melodic elements. but experimental, esoteric, unreachable.

fascinatingly, qua’s biography on his website cites his earlier work, of which this must be a part, as dreamy soundscapes. i think, like altered landscapes, it is hard to hear as anything other than a kind of abstraction; not story telling of any convention, if at all. more like a capture of moments in time that repeat, then distort, and become unrecognisable.

where do i finish with it? i’m not sure. i think i will need to revisit a firmer conclusion upon listening to his other album when it appears.


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