akrobatik – balance

you just found a product that got somethin’ real inside
take the time to remind your soul about when brothers used to rhyme right
when it wasn’t all about the limelight

so i started this mini akrobatik journey last night with the promo sampler. on the album, he starts by listing thanks with a little bit of beat background and keyboards, and letting everyone know that this is his debut. and maybe a fraction of citing how awesome it’s gonna be.

i feel a great sense of karma listening to the actual first track, balance, which lists most of the things i referenced yesterday in why it’s an enlightening yet more than slightly depressing insight to what people can sing and rap about, but these days choose not to. and it made my mind spark right now because we do, as i suggested, have a new conservative government. there are things i again need to keep my mind on – calling out my own shit and that of people around me.

the freakishness of the beat and slightly melodic overlay of hypocrite makes this album worth having and listening to more than i do. way back then, ten years ago, he sings the line i try not to call women bitches and hos. in the next song, the hand that rocks the cradle, he actually uses the word misogynist without trying to be even remotely offensive and claiming it as ironic. like i said, calling out the shit.

remind my soul is literally a beautiful bass heavy piece of history and reflection on politics and identity. i wonder what people would make of it today; how relevant is it? more than ever? superseded?

there’s something remarkable about almost every song on this album, including the theme that carries from the melodic elements of hypocrite; the slightly creepy organ flourish that appears in a few places. i equally love the piano sound that starts feedback and carries behind the drum beat and rap lines.

woman pt. ii feels a little contradictory, but ultimately it’s an hilarious funky rap about a guy who’s not totally confident with the ladies and misses out (though in some way disrespects his friend with benefits as the back-up). he’s honest about only really wanting sex, but finds a woman who’s beautiful and intelligent; don’t fall for that shit; and loses it. what little game i had now quickly unraveled.

one of the coolest, most move-busting tunes, is always bet on ak. sure, it’s a little bit egotistical. but the guitar combined with the beat and bass line, and the appearance of last night’s compere, evil dee, carries it spectacularly. i suspect in a hip hop battle, the story might be different. but for 2003, and in and of itself, it is a great summary of why the album works so well.

this is just the kind of affirmative, passion-inducing music i need to listen to right now. enough that i’ll probably see what akrobatik has been up to in more recent times. i need a new hero.

maintain balance and you won’t fall off


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