akrobatik – balance [evil dee megamix cd]

i can’t help but giggle as i listen to this. it’s unique in the collection though, and it’s not a reflection of the actual music of akrobatik.

this is a kind of promotional sampler, or according to evil dee, a megamix cd, and that’s the funny part. it came from the three d rummage, and i can’t work out how they would have used it on radio. it’s one run-on track of 25 minutes blending songs off the album with segues by evil dee that are a little less than freestyled. what made me pick it up, i can’t identify either.

what it did, quite remarkably though, was introduce me to some great funk and hip hop combined. and i fully respect what this guy spouts. the promotion worked, because i bought the album. politics; intelligence; awareness; respect for women; calling out shit.

also, it’s impossible to stay still, or as a minimum, not move one’s head, neck, shoulders.

i’ll get to the actual songs when i move onto the album itself tomorrow night. for now, i’ll leave you with the wisdom of evil dee – he seems to enjoy doing intros.


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