art of fighting – wires

i’m on an unintentional australian music bent. and without realising, last night and tonight’s picks both performed as part of the dirty three curated all tomorrow’s parties in 2007. i wouldn’t have associated either (with dirty three or each other for that matter).

so the other day when i talked about a subset of australian bands that plied their trade on a very particular earnestness, this band seems to fit with them. it makes me think that, at the time, the collective was pining for slow tempo guitar music with mostly minor keys, washed-out high pitch male vocals and a depressive streak. in this world, every single song is a letter to an ex that’s never sent, but crumpled with years of tears.

okay, maybe some of that was tapping into a despondency in the youth of our population at the turn of the century who had spent their teens and twenties wondering why adults kept voting in the conservative government. we’re heading for that again; maybe now’s the time for a comeback.

but in hindsight, most of the work of these bands just washes over me like vaguely overheard conversations between strangers in a pub. it’s not bad, or even annoying. it’s just something you have a small interest in knowing what they’re talking about; occasionally you hear a word or reference that’s familiar and endearing – a hook; but soon your mind wanders back to your own thoughts, conversation, half-drunk beer.

and it’s yet another of these bands that has ceased to exist ten years hence. i feel a little like i’m standing in a cemetery…


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