snowman – the horse, the rat and the swan

i don’t know how, why or when this came to be in my possession.

there’s a lot to get about this band and this album. it makes complete sense that they had supported the liars and even the drones, and there’s an odd similarity to the work recently appreciated of kirin j callinan. they also owe a large citation to fellow perth expatriates, the scientists, of the old days. honestly, music that was being made right about when they were all born… but that hasn’t been a problem before, and nor is it here.

the blend of all three above is well illustrated by daniel was a timebomb. it’s the most urgent and abrasive; hard to understand but clear in meaning. followed by a re-birth, which is perhaps the most aptly named song out of many, and she is turning into you, there’s more than a strong respect for godspeed.

the drumming is a feature, using a lot of bass and literally driving the rhythm of the whole album. the noise guitar, twangy, also makes this an instantly recognisable aesthetic. the slowish build-up on a song like the horse (parts 1 and 2) to reach the phenomenally fast drumming, surf style, is a special example.

i might have said early in this process that i don’t tend to like comparing musicians to others, or using that as the only mechanism for relating to music by bands that aren’t already part of one’s intimate identity. here, while they seemed to generate in a time and place that imply isolation, and therefore a degree of originality, it’s kinda hard not to hear who influenced them.

i wonder whether it means anything that they no longer exist as a band? or is that irrelevant? how does a band that made such good music, who didn’t seem to be over the hill, just turn away from it? i am sure there are perfectly reasonable answers to each of those rhetorical questions. non-rhetorical answers.


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