the roots – the tipping point

but you don’t give a fuck
you wanna pump the volume, i know

now this is different – in surface ways. in depth, more like other parts of the collection than appears.

so there’s no web link to anything else. i started with this album for, i suspect, no particular reason. it might have had something to do with seeing dave chappelle’s block party with my friend at a small theatre in adelaide when it was released.

i’m clear that i like it (though, like most albums, not all of it). i’m equally accepting of the fact that i know so little of the history and contemporary of this genre of music that i ain’t even gonna try talking about it in that way. i mean, hell, what genre?

what was immediately obvious to me was that, as a collection of men making music in this space, their preoccupations were far from dehumanising or demeaning to women. some might say it’s stereotypical to cast a field of musicians in one light. but when i’ve talked elsewhere of the severe reservations i have about the blind popularity of another collective like odd future, it means exponentially more that there are people making music devoid of objectification and outright violence and hate.

and thoughtfulness is why i’m anywhere near most of the music i love. i don’t need to be shocked into thinking. i don’t need to be patronised. here, with the roots, there’s enough blend of political, philosophical and (pop)cultural to satisfy the needs and do not needs. though perhaps, for some reason, my imagination is less sparked than some other music achieves. but that’s just context.

and yet, in spite of the smarts, the superficial is that, here’s the next crush in the collection. ?uestlove, mostly for his mind, from a great distance.


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