papa m – three

oh the springtime is a’comin
and the leaves are sweetly blooming

this is my favourite of the six audio tour diary releases by pajo. i chose to listen to it tonight as one of the songs, suitably, appeared on random while i was wreaking creation in the garden on the first warm day of the spring. actually, the first day of spring.

wild mountain thyme is up there as a most cherished song out of the thousands in those sleeves. i know it is not his alone. the gently strummed bassline, possibly achieved with a rhythm guitar to back the melodic acoustic, holds such amazing warmth and enlivening energy. it’s also one of the best sung songs by pajo – his voice shines, and we hear him laugh.

truckstop girl is also phenomenal and not his – straight out acoustic guitar with nothing else except the tragic story. in this way it differs from the more famed origins. its shows pajo’s skills for what they are. indeed, the song ends with a fraught electric solo, on staggered repeat, the equal of any other of his work in more rock formations.

the third of the three songs, who knows, is a bit more of a traditional folkie rock piece that he did indeed write himself. while not as strongly performed as the other two, it is still a memorable tune and story.

each in their own way, these songs are about unrequited love. none of them ever make it seem hopeless though, even in death. and so it is, springtime.


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