mick turner – marlan rosa

mick turner has two signatures: his guitar style and his art. singular and spectacular.

you almost wouldn’t believe that this release was preceded by only one year with ocean songs. you would believe that it came more of the boxhead ensemble work of the same year, the last place to go (in fact, there’s some exactness to the likeness). it was also produced with the assistance of michael krassner and some credit to braden king who both had everything to do with that.

he must have been in a certain mood at that point in time, late 1990s. because, you see, he’s not a one-trick pony, or even two-trick. when we get to venom p stinger you’ll see what i mean.

but this is not all just like everything else he was doing then. it’s not featureless as one might assume. it is somehow more of an actual story about the sea, rather than songs about the sea. perhaps as a consequence, the individual memorability of the songs that form the narrative is low. and it ends feeling as though one is still floating out in the middle of the ocean having seen no shoreline. no closure of the journey.

he must have had thoughts unfinished. i think this simply lacks a bit of the warmth that he’s capable of achieving. but perhaps he wanted it to feel colder.


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