broken flight – ray of youth

i’ve unfolded and refolded the piece of paper that came with this disc from the three d subscriber scrounge. and yet, until now, i had not listened to it.

it makes me wonder why. i would look at it; read the bio and the description of the four simple songs; fold it back into the case cover and put it away. the music itself is not unlike a lot of the other contemporary australian bands taking advantage of the quiet, contemplative fare i described the other day in the devoted few; along with 78 saab, the panics and the most notable (and incidentally most annoying in their egotistical seriousness), augie march. it’s no better or worse than those. that probably reflects a slight indifference i have towards the whole genre, as opposed to broken flight themselves.

it’s odd to discover that this coincided with the exact time and place that i first fell in love; in the hills outside melbourne in 2003. it somehow, in hindsight, belongs perfectly.


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