silver jews – tennessee

we’re off to the land of hot middle aged women

another little extended player. and a little too country, even for me. i’m not the biggest fan of david’s wife singing – and on the first song, it feels ever so forced, especially trying to sing mister and missus tennessee in time with the rhythm.

the second song, long long gone, is initially very evocative of pavement. but then the singing loses it again. and as for the third song, i’m gonna love the hell out of you, it sounds almost unbelievably like decouvert de soleil from the pavement ep for major leagues that came up a couple of months ago. it happens to be the best song here; but it had been done.

i also really quite dislike the last song; actively. not only did the occasional spoken word in his music bug me the whole time (as distinct from this being his general singing style); the content and noise of this one just grate. i recognise that this was not the peak of his life.

to be frank, by this point i had reached saturation levels with david berman’s approach to all of the above. i had enough of his stories to last a lifetime, in the best way possible. there’s nothing really more here. fortunately it didn’t diminish what came before.


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