bonnie ‘prince’ billy – master and everyone

take a year in your hand
you can find another man
let your unloved parts get loved
i will be your man

i loved this album instantaneously, from the count-in and first refrain on the way. the warmth is effusive; affirming; comforting. as if sitting in a broad beam of spring sunlight.

well i never wanted to be what you wanted to see

it stands amongst the most beautiful lyric writing of will’s, as well as his singing, while coddling it in gorgeously spare playing. these are pure love songs, even the equivocal or lost ones. it means nothing to me that this was one of his less critically acclaimed releases. whether it was the best music he ever wrote becomes irrelevant when, ten years later the songs are still fore of mind.

you do what you want, and i will do what i want
i’m now free, master and everyone
servant of all, and servant to none

this is another perfect reminder of the gems that exist here – in this collection; in this world. this is why i love him for what he gives.

there’s no pain to lament
and no dream undreamt


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