aisha duo – quiet songs

music for mallets, frame drums and cello

i not so secretly hoped, upon picking this for listening tonight, that it lived up to its name… after last night. though my head didn’t feel fogged after standing right next to the speaker stack for kirin j callinan’s scorching performance (in spite of the ice cold crowd – and i meant canberrans by the way, not cambodians).

so. thank the jazz gods, it is quiet. and pre-emptively beautiful. not unlike what i was just listening to, abc jazz through the tv. i meant that double negative, too. this is largely a combination between vibraphone and marimba, so you know what you’re getting; with a bit of percussion later in the album from drums and the deep melody of the above-mentioned cello.

after the first song, they proceed to perform eight short children’s songs written by chick corea. they are fun, though i hope there are no subliminal religious messages contained therein, or i’m screwed… the most enjoyable is children’s song no.10 – noting that the selection is not performed in order here, for whatever reason. subversion? i’d like to think so.

after the first half of the album thus occupied, most of the remaining songs are their own compositions and where the other instruments come in. and they are greater, though different, than what preceded them. one is a cover of another obliqsound band that has already appeared here, tales in tones trio. they add a number of layers that, while maintaining a sense of simplicity, allow for more depth. it’s this concept that makes dirty three such a great band. the song i’ve picked below, wind, reaches a fascinating point where the focus is on the percussion, and what sounds like throat singing though i’m not sure that’s what’s going on.

honestly, for what they have created, it’s great background music for a sunday evening; spacing out and knitting.


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