lcd soundsystem – sound of silver

rave music for the modern day?

this band always seemed to me somehow occluded for most of their existence. i read a lot over a long period of time; but to discover the output was only three records in ten years before disbanding, this being in the middle, seemed somehow more odd.

the clearest elements to me are a singing style sometimes reminiscent of david byrne, and music that references its fair share of 1980s keyboard (looking at you, depeche mode). but there’s also a fairly strong reminder of the style of music that cake made in the 1990s, and tism here in australia. to be fair, their lyrical content and approach was not serious like lcd soundsystem is more inclined towards – i mean, the latter had songs like (he’ll never be an) ol’ man river that seemed to be about river phoenix overdosing (though broader issues of excess) and greg, the stop sign! about young people going astray. satirical. not really reflecting the lives of the yoof in an identifiable way that seemed to occur with james murphy. that was serious.

so while they might not be direct influences, they certainly colour how i hear this music. i get why people love it (just as i got why people loved those above). when i said in an earlier entry that a lot of the music i listen to was not designed to be collectively shared in a sitting – this is the opposite. the energy is genuinely infective. as for the album itself, again the first half is stronger than the second.

at least it helped me do my tax online! good soundtrack for financial things as well it seems (cf. commissioning of parts of someone great by nike).


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