röyksopp – melody am

it’s those tiny little sparks, daily life that makes me forget my wounded heart
it doesn’t matter when, it may rain or it may shine
blurry memories of us come back from time to time

short; sweet (tired). 13th, not 14th.

in the early 2000s, living in canberra, was the first time i was exposed to a new generation of computer gaming. we’d had the commodore 64 during the 1980s, and a smallish foray into the original nintendo era which was limited by the sheer expense of buying cartridges in the 1990s. the c64 was a different story, because dad worked with an early computer nerd who made copies of tons of games for us on floppy disc (literally the floppy kind).

so living with my sister and her boyfriend provided a new experience, especially since the boyfriend had a penchant for pc gaming that reignited my appreciation of computer games. so i gave in and bought a tv that came with a ps2. through this, i found the most enjoyable game (for me) was a snowboarding one called ssx.

i don’t know if it was preceded by many other similar genres or releases in which popular music served as soundtrack. to that point, i thought computer game music was essentially written into the program just for the game. 8-bit sound!

there were a few songs included in the backing track to ssx that stood out, but the main one i remember and that actually prompted me to buy a whole album by said artist was poor leno by röyksopp. the music paired perfectly to floating through white snow. the closest music to this that i had previously known would have been air who my sister liked. this felt like a natural extension, though they are quite different.

the album itself is largely excellent, and provided yet another great mid-winter solace on icy nights. the first half in particular has the clearest memory; a kind of warmth.

and many nights (and days) since have i listened to sparks, the best song here, and really felt the sentiment. the further away it gets, the fainter it is. but it’s always still there.


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