palace – the mountain

a major day-100 anti-climax, of sorts, that has nothing to do with music and everything to do with tiredness. i’ve been using my brain too much, and my body is independently rebelling.

so rather than waste a spectacular release on this mind-melted state, it’s another little friday night gem.

after lost blues and other songs as my starting point with will oldham not long after it was released, which has three of the four songs on this ep, i bought this as its own piece; in part for the eponymous song that i had not previously heard. it combined some of the earliest work of will and his cadre. in reality, it was a single release off viva last blues that i had been avoiding buying because it was an ‘import’ and cost $38; money i didn’t have. when i finally did within months, it became the most cherished possession here (and remains so).

these songs seemed to be almost the first i was conscious that musicians wrote and sang about genuine adult themes. fucking. death. it was also a clear distillation of the elements of music that i would never otherwise have imagined i would love. singing that strains around the edges, slide guitars, the twang; genuine subtlety.

the whole of the four-song entity lilts along with a beautiful summeriness. it seriously made complete sense listening to on warm adelaide nights, during a time when it was not unusual for me to sit in my vw beetle at midnight parked against a moonlit beach with flat ocean and faint waves piling on top of each other. the smell. the sound. the transcendental beauty.

the end point, west palm beach, remains one of the most vivid invocations of place that exists in the collection. and right now, late winter in land-locked canberra, it transported me.

and the sky is threatening black and grey, and the sun’s a festering red


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