iron & wine – the sea & the rhythm

i am not sure i ever thought about the reality of the title of this album. well, ep. i’m sure i must have. it came out when i was living in adelaide again, and always at and in the ocean. flat, still, sunset over the water. coincided with my first love.

the most significant and lucid of the songs here is the eponymous track, second in. it is beautiful, quiet, physical, love. and the water, which you sometimes hear. it characterised what was so close about sam beam’s earlier singing and stories.

the third song, the night descending, is a little bit bluesish with only an acoustic repeated refrain, break-down and sam’s somewhat clouded voice.

in fact, this five-song release is perhaps the best example, not just of iron & wine, of music as a full story-telling medium. his yarns here are made vivid by the generally quiet approach, and almost the slowness of his singing that makes you pay attention to what is sung. the songs stretch out with great effect.

and i’ve managed to not have to think about the overt religious references. see, i can even appreciate it when it’s this apparent. because there’s always more to it than that.

someday the waves will stop


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