sonic animation – three d sample

a three song cop out, i know. those multi-disc compilations are gonna take some real concentration. but not tonight.

i am not sure i even own any other sample-based music. it’s catchy dance-based. purely synthetic. these songs all come from an extensive two-disc release, defective perspective, from the end of their first era career in 2004 (see below), about a year before they broke up.

what i remember of this australian band, which was ever popular in the later 1990s, was the song and film clip for theophilus thistler. that’s what i’ve chosen to include below, since this odd three d acquisition is the only piece of their ephemera in my collection and i’m not sure any of the songs here are even findable.

the first of the songs on this seemingly cheap burnt cd is move dammit, which repeats the rather misguided sentiment that even jesus said jesus when he heard this song, actually sounds like it’s about six years older than it is. it sounds like a sample, but i haven’t got a clue if so, or from where.

i’m a little scared of the second song, which seems to be about the guy threatening to kill someone’s dog if you “fuck with them”. i’m not sure if it’s meant to be funny, ironic or an actual threat to an ex-girlfriend. whatever they were aiming for, it doesn’t work.

and in what reeks of more typical 1990s dj techno fare that finishes out the disc; it has the, how shall i say, cliched title of the piquancy of frequency. just say it out loud to hear how ridiculous it sounds. it’s infectious enough though.

oddly, they’re in the middle of a furry comeback. it surely has to sound different now…

[this video was always a bit nauseating after drinking too much and watching on rage at 1am]


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