tulsa drone – no wake

the black and white photos of aurora are a clue.

basic to the first listen. harpsichord, organ again? – wait, no – it’s a dulcimer. excellent strong guitar and bass. scattered horns (not horn sections). not dissimilar again to tortoise or even a bit of mogwai, because some of it has weight and volume, and darkness.

the left-field instruments with fairly straight-line arrangements work unusually well as a cross with rock. it lends a stranglers vibe, and a kind of spanishness, none of which feels contrived or ill-placed. even the ocean sounds in the devil changes colours have the right movement, and belong.

this was another of my cd baby acquisitions, experimenting with music i would otherwise never witness. but i had to base the new on what i knew. provided the website hasn’t changed much since then; i can’t remember when it was; the likeness i was searching for was dirty three. and while it’s not as moving as their creations, it has a strength that lyric-less music cannot always find. it does seem to have soundtrack qualities. but again, that doesn’t undermine how this music performs other roles.

turn the lights out. keep warm. listen. i think you’ll be amazed what you hear.


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