the shins – when i goose step


another single picked up from the three d clear-out, testing whether i might like the shins without having to pay money.

sigh, it’s just so wishy washy. yes, this song is on a surf film soundtrack, sprout, re-used in 2004. but from what i know of the shins, this isn’t far off their usual fare. and that’s sort of what this feels like – as though i’m at a buffet lunch at a bowls club. pastel. no real hooks. the smell of freshly mowed grass. room colleagues with a collective of moth-balled elderly.

the singing always seems to be on the same low-key level as the music, and it means nothing ever rises. it’s like music that could be played forever without shifts in emotional timbre.

yet there are tangential links to other music in the collection – jesse sandoval played on a darren hanlon album i have; they have shared the same producer as built to spill; there’s some live collaboration with iron & wine. while few of these surprise me, the web spins further out, picking up a few other branches.

but sorry shins fans, this will never do it for me.


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