pink nasty – mold the gold

even the strangest people settle down

i tracked down this album direct from the artist herself after immensely enjoying the duet she did with will oldham which appears here, don’t ever change. he actually shows up more than once, but in the background along with one of his brothers.

please don’t wear any makeup; please baby won’t you shut the fuck up; cos you know that i love you

in reality, the whole album is very catchy and diverse, yet cohesive. most of it’s burned in my memory – having not listened to it for at least six years. napoleon complex, for instance, was a song that helped me through the loss of the regrettably lost, even though he was far from short. dirty soap has elements of dinosaur jr about it. there are also obvious, if stated and deliberate, similarities in some parts with pavement.

her band is excellent. her writing is strong. her voice is as good as any other.

i therefore can’t quite work out why pink nasty isn’t more popular than she seems to be.

i know your heart’s not in it, this all means nothing to you


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