vampire weekend – contra

this has been hanging over my head for weeks; knowing it was sitting there, hearing their new album played over loud speakers in record stores. it’s time to rip the elastoplast off.

come on. this is just pure nonsense without much pleasure. it’s quite stunning how the music – melody and rhythm – can make even reasonable lyrics seem like gibberish. and before i knew what i was getting myself into, the preppiness of the band rankles. pretentious. vacuous. harpsichords? vocoders? island rhythms? i know some of them went to public schools, but what went wrong? if there’s irony or commentary, i’m missing it.

this just annoys me now, and may indeed be the only thing in the collection that i’d consider giving away or selling. the closest analog i can find is sickly sweetness. my teeth hurt and i’m vaguely nauseous. and yes, i listened to it from start to finish. no exceptions.

so fuck that bandwagon. is it the last one i’m going to jump on? see the three ages for my anxiety on the fourth age. i don’t want it to be like this.

white jeans, headbands and tennis… kill me.


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