ultraviolet makes me sick – soundproof

i haven’t got a clue. this will be short.

i remember parts of this album… though not why or how it came to be in my possession. it is an italian band, released on australian label camera obscura (no affiliation with the current band). the label no longer exists since its founder passed away a few years ago.

it is pure instrumental with elements of godspeed, mogwai and particularly tortoise – a sort of cross-over type of rock almost jazz. for some reason, the first few songs stick right there in my mind, but the others do not seem to have over the years. there are some real catches… but it is the only thing by ultraviolet makes me sick that i have. it sits firmly in 2001 and 2002 in my memory.

links via labelmates include black sun ensemble, bardo pond and the sand pebbles, the latter two having already appeared in earlier entries. there were a heap of other bands as well. literally obscure.

nice background music for making vegan gingerbread!

file under melodies of uncontrollable states


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