tales in tones trio – sub surface

here we have some very simple and melodic drum, bass and piano. jazz. with a little note of support from nana mouskouri of all people… it makes me feel a little like i stepped into a parallel universe.

tonight, this was excellent music for driving on quiet, night-fallen streets seeing the moisture apparently rise off the earth to meet the cloud above; city, suburbs, monuments illuminating it. my car seemed to drive smoothly, effortlessly.

i know this sort of music really grates some people the wrong way. but this is some damn funky german funk. this is one of only a few albums in the collection of which i have two copies. i am quite unsure how that happened, though the releases from obliqsound all came from my sister. she was enamoured!

creepily, perhaps their legacy will end up being their seeming obsession with/tribute to michael jackson. on this i was always amused by the accuracy of the simpsons reference: there’s no such thing as a soul. it’s just something they made up to scare kids, like the boogie man or michael jackson.

whatever they’ve made their name doing most recently, they made their own music really well.


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