beck – clock / the little drum machine boy / totally confused

beck of the only era i love.

it was a time that i delighted in pissing off my sister by likening her to beck. yeah, i dunno where that was going. it was purely a physical comparison – perhaps more ridiculous.

here lies a sample of odelay cuts and relatives, and i have no idea how it came to be in my possession. supposedly it was a not to be sold separately disc that came with select magazine. i’m almost certain i’ve never bought that magazine, not even on the basis that there was a freebie. however, perhaps i did and the end was far more important than the means at the time.

so?  i must have listened to it a lot back in the day, because the songs again are right there buried in my mind. i even remember each of the bizarre turns that the little drum machine boy takes. and it had to be one of my earlier acquisitions, being “released” in 1997.

and, well, i have to be honest that after odelay i didn’t get what beck was producing. i’m not sure if i somehow subliminally perceived that he was, you know, part of a religion that doesn’t sit well with me (i will get to writing about the conflict of being an atheist and appreciating music with religious icono-graphy/clasm – which includes the story of the only piece of music i have ever rid from the collection).

i figure i have to credit him with at least paving some of the road towards the more country influenced music that i grew to love excessively more than his, along with some of his supposed contemporaries. that sounds like a backhanded compliment, and i don’t mean it that way. just wait til i actually get to odelay itself.


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