architecture in helsinki – the owls go / kindling

i started in a few different places tonight. a two disc compo, then a unique mix including some excellent covers – all by various artists. what to listen to?

but i was preoccupied with other things, namely chasing an aurora – specifically, aurora australis. i know that seems far-fetched, but it’s entirely possible. the alert came through from the government service that a geomagnetic storm is in progress, and aurora may be visible at high latitudes. that usually means as far north of the pole as tasmania. but it has been known and documented to show up as far north as the canberra region.

it’s a very short distance to get from my house to dark rural roads heading due south. one moves from seeing thousands of stars to suddenly millions of them, simply due to the drop in ambient light. this time of year, the milky way runs right across the top of the sky from north to south. you see the dark patches, and some of the fuzzy patches just off to the east of it.

alas, there was no aurora to be seen. a bit of space junk burning up on entering the atmosphere. a surprising number of cars on such a remote road at 11.30pm on a cold winter night. i gave up, but not defeated. what there was to see was still spectacular.

anyway, that brought me home quite late (again, early the next morning), and in spite of the prior best intentions, i’ve had to delve into the singles options in the catalogue. this brought up architecture in helsinki.

another acquisition from three d radio, i figured this was a good chance to see if i liked their music without having to pay for it (quite a different concept to pirating). it’s a split single, so to speak. the songs aren’t half bad. that’s perhaps a roundabout way of saying that i don’t hate them, but i don’t love them either.

the only other things in my collection that remotely resemble this music are by los campesinos! they really do seem to belong to a genre that continued expanding beyond what was actually needed by the world. kooky lyrics, men and women with high pitched voices ‘singing’ and sometimes wailing, occasional inclusion of kids singing, instruments like xylophones and horns, and the dreaded scourge of hipsterness, hand clapping in abundance.

at least these guys can lay claim to being pioneers. and australian. viva aurora!

attic in a basement

what the hell?


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