various artists – morr music: for hairy scary monsters

intelligent dance music?

perhaps my reasons for having this are antithesis. i liked the look of the blue monster on the front cover (and the red one on the back). it was under an electronica category in big star records, perhaps one of my last purchases before it closed. they had a way of finding some of the most esoteric stuff out there before the internet captured everything (which homogenised, i think, rather than opened up in a way).

esoteric can be read as crap in some cases. here it’s not. it follows a similar pattern to the live & direct compilation a few nights ago, where each artist contributes two songs. i recall first listening to this without having looked at the artists or song titles. i didn’t know what to expect.

the vocalist for the go find reminds me vividly of another singer, but i can’t think who. ice bear here is delightful. it’s bringing me to the realisation that i appreciate simple songwriting considerably more than overwrought complex free-for-alls or technical exercises in writing. even greater was the moment i realised that the fourth song, also by the go find, is one of the best cover songs ever executed because it’s unexpected yet totally honorific and comforting. it’s an early much-loved pavement song, perfume-v. i stood for many moments thinking, fuck, how the hell do i know this song?

the ISAN songs are almost not of a place. the ‘band’ is british, but lived throughout europe, and sound like a heap of electronic australian musos (such as disjunction reunion a little while ago, and forthcoming robokoneko, both from the now defunct couchblip). it’s also not far off other local music from a few years ago by artists called qua and tim koch.

their two beeping songs back up against seabear which is simple guitar-driven pop music. it’s not opposite enough to be jarring, but noticeable that your mood shifts pretty quickly. their second song, lost watch, verges a little on older iron & wine with tinkling sounds.

the left-field electricity of this release might be attributable in some part to the fact it’s a sort of dedication and connection to iceland. perhaps it affects me right now simply because i might look out into my backyard and see the reflected luminescence of frost on the blades of grass and patches of dirt (actually, likely, the heater shut down).


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