bardo pond – lapsed

okay, so back to what i had selected to listen to last night. this was another of those albums i picked up in canada on the recommendation of the record store apparatchik (a great descriptor from a couple of days ago). i had no idea this band, bardo pond, were drug obsessed. there’s no doubt it influenced their music, because you feel like you can’t shake the fuzzy haze off your head for the whole duration. it doesn’t go anywhere.

there’s also little doubt that in some ways this album is pretty remarkable. there is even a bit of dirty three in there, and clearly the stated connection to mogwai. but the overt references to, and influence of mind-altering substances seems to me like covering a chocolate truffle in caramel, dipping it in powdered sugar and then encasing it in whipped cream. overkill and too sickly to keep down. the best music, in and of itself, is enough to achieve the artificially induced “insight” an album like this is forced into.

and don’t get me wrong, again; i’m not naïve about the sometimes developmental and purported creativity-inducing role that drugs and alcohol have played in some of the most excellent music made. but when it defines what you do as a band, i think you’ve taken it too far.

after all, you’ve all gotta wake up sober sooner or later, and then what does it look like and sound like?


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