dirty three – ufkuko

tell me that one violin, one guitar and one standard drumkit can’t make the most phenomenal sound you’ve ever heard in your life? i think i have used the word vital only once so far. and that wasn’t literally. this time i use it literally.

to aster!, the first song on this ep, feels like your heart pumping blood at a million beats per second through every extremity. mihelkos arm is the stuff of western dreams, as detected in tortoise a week ago. cast adrift is much like the work generated with boxhead ensemble.

and then there’s three wheels, which is not far away from being my favourite song of all time – a big claim, i know. it demonstrates so beautifully the warmth, emotion, quiet, loud, ebb and flow that these three guys create out of the simplest elements.

this relatively short release from dirty three is a perfect summation of why they are, in reality, my most beloved band. they are master craftsmen and true poets. their music says more to me than almost any other, without a single word spoken. i have never sat through their live performance without tears.

there is not another band out there in history that sounds like them. they are not of any style or genre. what they have created is singular. and it’s this band that always reminds me why music is so important to life, and how fortunate we are to have ears and hearts and minds.

someone has stupidly said that this ep would not win any new fans – but i think it’s quite the opposite. it’s a great collection of just what the dirty three can do, which is unparalleled. disregard at your peril, for hearing them is one of the most remarkable moments possible in your life.


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