the sand pebbles – ceduna

[small note: one tenth of the way through today!]

this album is of my home. not quite literally, but out on the eyre peninsula in south australia is where you will find some of the most beautiful terrain and expanse. your brain can’t believe what is laid out before it. you see the millions of stars that are actually out there from about one centimetre above the horizon. they form a kind of blanket.

the first song, red, orange, purple & blue is a spot on descriptor of many of the visual elements of the place. then there’s wild season, a song that i’m sure is a cover but i can’t work it out. it’ll drive me crazy until i can solve it. in my mind it’s a 1980s australian song. but google is failing me. so too for bees around the honey, which i’m certain i know but it can’t be from this!

they seem to share singing duties across the band, and while the backing music is quite consistent and 1960s-influenced, the variation in vocals lends some diversity. and on a few of the tracks you can detect the contributions of dave graney and clare moore, while clearly not being of their own brand.

it does a pretty good job reflecting the wide open spaces of the part of the world in which it was created. it’s probably not the music i associate with such a place though – vivid light and dark blue ocean, red dirt, massive white sand dunes, low-growing resilient vegetation, sun that sets over water. instead it kinda sounds like a metropolitan melbourne band somehow finding themselves on a coastal journey, writing a bit like they’re still in the city.

the best song on here is future proofed, alongside those songs-i’m-sure-are-covers above (cos if they’re not, they’re obviously exceedingly catchy). it’s got a great beat and rhythm, shows some intriguingly contemplative lyrical content, and lasts eight damn minutes.

and i just gotta say right now that, for the first time in ages, i had an overwhelming sense of déjà vu (not a memory as i’ve already articulated in previous entries). it came as andrew tanner sang the lyric it tastes metallic too and i wrote the word writing above… a first!

we fucked up again with the best intentions


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