catnip – pink & blue & green

i should probably not exhaust the singles and short releases in the collection for those other times over the coming year when i don’t have the concentration span to listen to a whole album! anyway…

this is an interesting little artefact in itself. it was another find from the three d radio clear-out. i was thinking about how i got in there the other day. to encourage subscribers, they had a fantastic set of prizes (they do every year). i think the bulk of the minor prizes entailed going through the boxes of their outcast stuff. but their main prizes are cool things like year-long free entry to gigs at major adelaide venues.

it’s a four-track release with a couple of pieces of paper folded up inside. one is the with compliments slip from the pr company, the other is a non-biography highlighting what the music is like. apparently, it will melt your soul. so let’s hear…

they sound a lot like a mazzy star tribute band. slow rhythm, slide guitar and a particular female voice – it’s what the folded piece of paper promised, and it delivers. if that’s what you wanted delivered. there isn’t a lot of depth or diversity to these four songs.

the subject of the first song, pink & blue & green, is a case in point. i guess it’s a love song of sorts, but hardly even focussing on a object of desire. flowers are dancing, wind softly blows, smell of the grass. unless i missed a subtext, that’s pretty much all there is to it. the second song, lullaby, is also exactly what it purports to be. it might even be a good song to play to get your kids to sleep.

it makes good relaxing background music, don’t get me wrong. and conceptually, they blend sounds quite well including some electronica with the slide guitar that features in every song (though in the last it verges on atonal on occasion). the most engaging combination comes in the third song, aquamarine. the lyrical content is still a bit superficial and simply descriptive.

is that a bad thing? no, but it just lacks some connection.


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