dappled cities fly – cream

it’s nights like these i am actually glad i have a few singles in the collection. it’s already 12.46am on the “day after”. so another one will show up as two in one day.

right, so i think these guys first came into my field of vision when i was listening to three d one sunny summer day in parkside around 2005 or so. i had arrived home and sat in the car transfixed by an interview with two of them. they were the most decent rock men i’d heard speak in a long time, perhaps ever. smart, funny and humble. and the selection of their songs played around the interview lent greater weight to their worthiness for further exploration.

and yes, this is dappled cities as they are now known. they manage a distinct and effective double vocalist approach to most of their songs. there’s a kind of effortless grand scale to their music that elevated them above a local band made good. the way they write and perform their music gives it a universal quality. and even though both tim and dave can manage extremely high notes, i’ve never been annoyed.

being a single (which as a song in itself is excellent), this carries with it a b side even though it’s a cd (obtained, as it happens, from the three d clear out). it’s not a cut from any of the records, and i have no idea of its name. it’s quieter than anything else of theirs, and much less produced than the rest of the music. it’s sweet and a little off-key.

how fun is it?


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