peter fenton – in the lovers arms

in the lovers arms, how i’d love to see you

this album hit my consciousness at the end of my first relationship. i cried so much. my heart ached. i wasn’t that young. i remember singing it, every nuance, so keenly. i find it very difficult to characterise the music itself. and almost everything to do with peter fenton is hard-to-find.

i can’t even imagine what would have made me pick this up. i knew crow in the 1990s, but never bought any albums or saw them live. peter fenton was a founding member/vocalist. he clarified on a kind of comeback arc in recent years that, while he grew up in canberra with his brother, they were well and truly sydneysiders by the time crow came into being. still, it connects to at least one point in my reality.

he also featured in an excellent abc miniseries in the early 2000s called love is a four letter word about a guy and his bird who owned a pub. it’s kinda what my adult life to that point had felt like, or at least i imagined that. it seemed real to me. perhaps this was the foundation for why i bought the album, cos i did have a bit of a crush on him from the show (up to at least number four now!)

it’s pretty obvious, but i love the innuendo of love makes everything swell. it was all i could think of at the time, actually. love can move you both apart, the same power tearing at your heart. it made the sorrow that more keenly felt, and the loss of the physicality. i don’t remember a lot of other songs from that time, weirdly. only some from a “mixtape” the guy had made me at the start of the relationship.

peter drew in a number of well-known australian musos to perform on this album. connections are to devoted few, underground lovers and you am i. you can vaguely hear each of those bands in this creation, which i think was never recreated. it was like a shooting star. burned brightly for a split second and disappeared.

the hidden track right at the end is the most beautiful of the lot, short and sweet:

thoughts of you surround me everyday
memorise a photograph of you
and i think of all the things i could do with you

The Grace Emily Hotel

that’s the grace emily in adelaide, first appearance of my most beloved live venue. as you can approximately see and hear below, the stage isn’t big enough for over-production which has created some extremely memorable gigs (descriptions to come in future entries):

and here’s my clearest memory of crow:


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