jens lekman – oh you’re so silent jens

i’m standing here waiting for you to come
in the sky some kind of strange sky phenomenon

i don’t really know where this started… why i even bought something by jens. never saw him live (though he pretty much called australia home for a while); never even saw a video for a song or listened to radio when one might have been played. so how is it, and others, here? why do i even think that’s relevant? this was the first anyway.

as an “album” which was actually a set of eps and one-offs that were spread across about six months, this holds together effortlessly. for a start, he samples to great effect – what he adds makes it super special. it doesn’t feel ripped. funny connections to scotland though – kind of infectious.

some of it seems earnest, like sky phenomenon. but if you listen carefully, it’s the ruminations of a guy who’s kinda heart broken but still has a sense of humour and takes in the simple aspects of life around him – never wallowing so deep in a darkness that all you can see are black walls and images of the lovers lost. i think this sort of perspective helped me a lot to just appreciate which leads to not needing or missing.

in someone to share my life with, it’s as simple as pared-back electric guitar, something like a little metal xylophone and jens’ beautiful mid-tone voice. and yet its sentiment is so genuine. i remember thinking as i played this over and over again that i wished i lived in europe where men actually see and treat women differently to what they do here, with respect.

in truth, every single song is memorable and gets stuck in your mind. the fact that it has been at least six years since i listened to it, and it’s just like i listened to it yesterday. the lyrics are so well written that as each line comes out you know the next one (but this doesn’t even remotely mean predictable).

you mostly imagine with great vividness a place you may never have been to, and it doesn’t seem unusual at all.

watch none of these for the video, but for the songs themselves; just play:


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