papa m & christina rosenvinge – five

while there’s nothing wrong with this short release in the audio tour diary series of papa m’s, there’s also nothing much to say about it. the most interesting thing is the description on the back that refers to it as two songs documenting a night.

the female foil here is a spanish singer born of danish parents who was apparently “discovered” by one lee ranaldo. so there’s a left-field connection to you am i! how many degrees of separation? at least thousands of kilometres. distance in music isn’t so great.

her voice is quite pretty, and as always dave pajo’s voice is so gently consoling. as two seemingly ad hoc songs, they come across as almost too contrived to be quiet. what was that night? it at least invites such questions, so there’s intrigue beneath the apparently simple surface.

because i know i have nothing else with her involved in the collection, i’m discovering what’s there now. in addition to performing with pajo, she credits steve shelley (sonic youth) and even chris brokaw (who is in the collection).

and please do listen to some of her music which just streams on her website (didn’t know these kinds of websites still existed!). in and of itself, quite beautiful.


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