pavement – major leagues ep

dear mr echo

this is a single release of a song from the last pavement album that was perhaps the weakest thing they did. it starts with the eponymous song which is thankfully the low point. the story feels forced, and the music itself makes me feel like i’ve been sedated… i don’t think that can ever be a good sensation when there’s no revelation to be had.

the second and third songs are also lost – no low end or apparent bass of any kind, including in the singing. i can’t really hassle spiral stairs for what he gave a generation through pavement, but the lightness of his contributions here make them ignorable and by default forgettable.

however, the vague kinkiness of malkmus singing in french with english references over the energetic track of decouvert de soleil did a lot for me, i have to say. of course it would based on earlier admissions of a massive crush and some lyrics extracted below.

you also experience an homage to a band that they referenced many times, but whose leader was pissed off by pavement’s very existence i think, the fall. for his own, mark e smith comes across as a massive wanker anyway. perhaps these are the salient points as i listen back on pavement’s music. don’t worry, i’ll get to the albums that made it all worthwhile.

in all, this ep feels like five people cooked something for christmas lunch and realised they should have coordinated better, cos they ended up bringing weird arsed variations of the same dish – most of which are inedible. except for the dessert, which is the spectacular highpoint of the cover of said mr echo’s killing moon. they made it sound so perfectly their own with some small elements of nonsense. this was the last great movement.

tie me up, hold me down, kiss me twice


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