disjunction reunion – modernism for newborns

now this is electronica. for those of us who grew up using street, subscription and fanzine mags as the main sources for information about the music we listened to and might want to listen to, it’s amazing what you discover when you can research music in the fully connected internet age. this album was released in traditional cd format in 2003 before the internet was what it is. the artist, and owner of the (now hibernating) label itself, couchblip, is luke killen. he has clearly adapted to the new age, as these days his art appears on soundcloud rather than in any physical form.

it’s ‘events’ like these – the digitisation of music – that make me appreciate all the more the physical ephemera i have in this collection. and this is clearly one such great example.

it has to be said that i discovered this album and other linked music in the interim period between music being only available in record stores to being dominantly consumed digitally (something i’m not sure i’ll ever embrace). this phase made it purchasable on the internet in its still physical form, mostly as compact discs before the return of vinyl as a hipster status symbol.

perhaps electronica as a broad genre was the natural early adopter of the true digital networked age. but in that in-between space, the website where i discovered this music was cd baby which still exists and has adapted itself to the range of media through which people of the world prefer their music. it remains a great mechanism for connecting artists with listeners (not consumers!).

whatever the medium for transmission of the music, this album has a quite sinister undercurrent of minor-key bass and inserts of very noticeable little sounds and flourishes (not quite melody). i say ‘little’ because the general background sense of the music is heavy while the upper layers are light. to be light, they come in small packages and contained sounds. i think this is remarkable craft resulting in art.

the diversity on this album alone is remarkable, without it sounding hacked together to appease a range of tastes. it’s not for everyone, and once upon a time i would have vehemently stated that it wasn’t for me. but it provides unique ambience to a cold near-winter night in the land where it was born. and possibly a soundtrack to an acted-out scene of street fighter in a suburban lounge room…

also, i reckon only an australian artist could name a song arse/face uplink. and not just because of how arse is spelled… ah, esoterica for electronica.


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