moloko – things to make and do

there’s something disconcerting about this album. i count this as my first bandwagon moment wherein i liked the sound of a song that was being flogged a bit when i still listened to radio, that was outside my usual taste.

it sounds like a cross between creepy cabaret music and movie soundtrack. roisin has a distinctive voice that’s strong, but there are things that either she or some technology does with it that unsettles. it’s not a particularly pleasurable experience listening to things to make and do. it’s kinda like making eye contact with an interactive performance artist.

without ever having got into goldfrapp, i feel like they owe a lot to moloko having been largely preceded by them. in hindsight, there was a reason my music didn’t follow that path. i get that it belongs to someone, just not me.

there are moments here still that make it worth keeping. the quietness and concept of being is bewildering touches on deeper philosophical and social thoughts. the music of remain the same is intriguing. and the infectiousness of the time is now is undeniable (the song that got me to buy it somehow).

if you were ever into clubbing, dancing and freaking people out, this was for you. but i’m starting to suspect, not if you’re a feminist.


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