palace songs – hope

i’m just a station on your way, i know i am not your lover

no, it’s not leonard cohen. i have to admit that i randomly picked two other items this evening prior to hope. not feeling 100%, i couldn’t face the first pick of three discs with at least twenty songs on each, or the second which was a two-disc live recording. so to this EP.

my first exposure to the work of palace, and therefore will oldham, was through the 1997 release lost blues and other songs that a close friend had lent me. i think there was also some connection to pavement guest programming rage in their last tour of that year and playing a palace song – it combined to form a sense that i should like the music.

it was quieter, less rock and more unusual than i’d known from growing up and starting on my own musical path. it also sounded kinda country which i knew my mum would hate. i didn’t like it to spite her (love my mum, always have). in fact i liked it in spite of my own feelings about the genre… i now know it forms no part of country music.

this EP, hope, is a great collection of the quieter side of will’s music. his voice really does sound rather different, if you compare superwolf from 2004 to this from 1994. i mean, you know it’s him regardless – another singer who you cannot mistake for any other.

for his own writing, this EP also showed his craft for telling amazing and vivid stories – normality and hyperreality. this made it connect to the philosophy i was absorbing at uni at the time. it still means so much.

if you could stay on the wild kicking horse
i could handle your presence beside me
the dust is a must, so is doubting my trust
so is acting haphazardly


4 responses to “palace songs – hope

  1. one of my all time favorite albums ever (‘Untitled’ sealing the deal for me). Every time it snows here in the Kentucky Mountains I sing ‘Christmas Time In The Mountains’.every time. and it can snow a lot.

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