everything but the girl – temperamental

i never had a direct interest in everything but the girl; this is the only thing i have in the collection and it’s burnt from my sister.

this was the last album they released. the first song, five fathoms, instantly brought back a lot of memories from my first days of living out of home having moved from adelaide to canberra – albeit with my sister and her boyfriend of the time. it was 2000.

it is of its own place, a version of britain that pervades things of the 1990s and even some of the 2000s. it didn’t relate geographically or socially to what we were experiencing. but it created its own little world, a hybrid. this is a new thought to me of how some of my most favourite music has to have been appropriated to mean what it does… even if it sounds like it belongs somewhere altogether foreign.

and because i’ll forget by the time i get to it, it makes total sense to me that UK band du jour the xx asked everything but the girl to cover one of the songs off their own debut ten years after this album was released.

as i listen to it, i realise i know it better than i recalled. and it’s worthy of being here.


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