youth group – baby body

i must say i picked this one because it’s right at the bottom of the list in more than one way. it’s a friday night after a long week and this lets me cop out – another single.

i had no real interest in youth group when they were a bit ubiquitous, and don’t even know if they still exist. the reason this sits in my collection is from the three d radio (or the progressive music broadcasting association) CD sale where they clean out all their promotional goods and music. there will be more! the advent of digital radio means i can now listen again to my beloved three d

as to this single. well, it’s actually rather lovely and a bit raucous, though not really unique. it’s an odd topic for a male band to sing about – the title is just what it sounds like. their story, however, is not uninteresting. as it happens, yet another band whose origins lie in my current location, canberra. it’s starting to make me think that there is a kind of canberra sound. i might return to this as a further thought when more appear here.

but now perhaps i will listen to something completely different for the rest of the evening.


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