jon spencer blues explosion – acme

this is blues power!

i’m just gonna put it right out there – jon spencer is the biggest crush of my life. i know he married the woman that a large number of men lusted after, so i guess this is my version… and a tribute right now to a present crush for the particular energy this carries.

acme came out seven years into the existence of jsbx and arrived at a time wherein the sound echoed of beck, beastie boys and even luscious jackson… all with jon spencer’s unparalleled drawl (coming from someone from new hampshire?!)

steve albini has to run through most reputable 30-50 year olds’ record collections. this is his first direct appearance in the 500 days. no other jsbx album really sounds like acme. for me it has about three stand-out tracks, and the rest works well and sound much like the contemporary work jon was doing with his woman in boss hog.

but it has to be said that one of the best music videos of all time is for talk about the blues

this album will literally stick with me forever. it was the adelaide show for the acme tour to which i attribute my ultimate loss of hearing, or tinnitus as a minimum. but it will always have been worth it…

i said it feels so mother fuckin good.


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