sleigh bells – treats

needed to insert some colour… and some commentary on women in music (just a start).

okay, all i can think of is cheer squads, and particularly cheer leaders – one of the cases where the aesthetic is so obvious and deliberate that you really can’t read anything else into it. a youngish friend of mine saw sleigh bells at the big day out this year, then seemed to fall in love with alexis. she’s definitely an alpha female! i know it’s meant to be anti-alpha, but try telling that to a generation of young hipster women… and a new generation of young hipster men (read grimes talking about her experiences).

as for derek, i wonder if he’s trying to look like he should be called corey? he has an indisputable 80s look, as does the music sound. but it’s of a time, place and cultural phenomenon, in america, that didn’t really happen in australia. it’s not like we were behind, just that we never really got there. which i like to think is a sign of our collective maturity – when to be honest, the boys were probably busy just objectifying girls directly rather than through some veiled ‘artistic endeavour’.

to be fair, these guys stand alone in modern rock and it’d be really odd to hear another band like sleigh bells. that same friend said to me, upon actually hearing the records, that he thought the guitar in particular was very metal. not ever having been a metal fan – though having seen and heard enough over time – it’s hard to say. i guess the ‘heft’ and the font on the album title is a bit like slayer. that seems like a pretty superficial analysis, but that’s kinda how their music makes me feel… in a good way, i think.

i happened upon them after seeing the video for infinity guitars a couple years back on saturday morning rage, a throw back to the unsociable hours of friday and saturday nights spent during my teens and twenties when music was quite different. rage serves a different purpose these days, and to be honest i think of my ‘consumption’ of most 2000s music as being on a bandwagon, rather than in the basement when the band first formed…

another friend at work said to me “is that the band that just makes noise?” well at least some of that noise is pretty catchy!

wonder what your boyfriend thinks about your braces


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